Because I’m worth it 2.0

2007, Trauma Queen, Mediterranean Hotel, Athens (GR)

Trauma Queen

“A contemporary art exhibition that takes up the experience of anguish associated with “Trauma”, in juxtaposition with the contrasting overtones of irony, humor and exaggeration which arise from the expression ‘Drama Queen’.

‘TRAUMA QUEEN’ traces despair –be it real or an artifice- in connection to mental or physical pain resulting from loss, deformation, constrain, whether they be internal or external in origin. The aim is to have various kinds of social disability take form through art, as possible manifestations of a pathogenic present condition which can lead to literal disability. All this in immediate relation to the consciousness we construct of our personal disability, despair, fear and insecurity as experienced in everyday life.”
Press release, Harris Kondosphyris, Zoi Pappa and Christian Rupp

Because I’m worth it 2.0

We decided to reuse the video from Because I’m worth. We aded text to the video and in the installation a disco ball.

Because I’m worth it 2.0, 4:3 SD-video with sound and text, 11,30 min loop.