1999, By Side Sidewalk, Vaasa (FIN) / Umeå (S)

By Side Sidewalk

Was an art-festival taking place in Vaasa, Finland, and in Umeå, Sweden, during two days in autumn 1999.


Kungspassagen (The Kings-passage) was finnfemfel’s first project that intervened in public space. For two days we carried around a red carpet, 15 x 2 m, and rolled it out in different places in public space in Vaasa and Umeå. We travelled carrying the red carpet by buss, ferry and buss from Vaasa to Umeå and back again.

Kungpassagen is a comment about the subordination the people are showing towards dignitaries, such as celebrities, politicians, the president and the king. We think that everyone can be a star, king och queen or a politician.

Documentation of interventions in Vasa (FIN) and Umeå (S), 4:3 SD-video, 18 min.