Wait, we’ll meet again

2012, To have/To Own, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa (FIN)

To have/To own

“The exhibition To have/To own at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa is a part of a larger program organized by Platform in celebration of their first ten years of activities. Earlier this year Platform organized an international symposium and launched the catalogue, Don’t look back. With this program, Platform seeks to highlight the importance of their past and present activities to the artists who have participated, as well as the local community and the cultural life of Vaasa.

The theme for the year 2011 To have/To own is a reaction to the on-going events where art as well as other aspects of society, have gone through huge social, cultural, economic and ecological changes. The selection of the theme is based on the hope that different artists’ and individuals’ reactions toward and understanding of the terms “to have” and “to own” would raise questions and generate discussion on cultural heritage, nomadic patterns, communication, independence, and sustainability.”
Platform, 2011

Wait, we’ll meet again

in collaboration with Simo Brotherus, Ingold Airlines and Robert Back.

Longing, casual meetings, boredom, fear and contemplation are a few of the conditions you often experience in the waiting area of an airport. Passing time on the way from one airport to another creates tension, expectations and, concurrently, a relaxed state, a transition from something familiar to something less so. In such a situation we own only ourselves, nothing else. We are on our way, sitting passively in a public space. At departure these feelings are oft en characterized by a worry of not knowing what lies ahead, while when arriving, the direct opposite, the comfort in being home.

Performance during exhibition.

Simo Brotherus comic strip, finnfemfel and the Magic Urn, also featured in Platforms 10 year anniversary-catalogue as finnfemfel’s contribution.

The project was funded by:
Göran Knuts, Henrik Fågelbärj, FinaviaWasa Teater – Österbottens regionteaterVaasan KaupunginteatteriAnviaVasabladetPohjalainenSwedish Cultural Foundation in FinlandPlatform

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