I’d rather be fishing than going to an art show

1999, Konstakuten, Stockholm (S)


Konstakuten was an artist run space founded in 1995 by Árni Gudmundsson, Per Hüttner, Thomas Elovsson and Lars Hammarström in a room of Roslagstull old hospital. In 1999 the gallery moved to Nackagatan. Konstakuten was shut down in autumn 2006.

Fishing instead of going to an art show

I’d rather be fishing than going to an art show was an installation, in which we looked in to the contrast between the sterile art-gallery and the warm and attractive home environment. The installation was two rooms linked together with a line of video-monitors.

In the monitors each of the members exercised their favourite leisure-time activity. Marcus was fishing, Albert was cross-country skiing, Simo was playing badminton and associating in the park and Oskar was driving his motorcycle. The sounds from the different monitors created a cacophony, whit the loud sounds of the skidoo and the wind setting the tone.

The line of monitors brought you from the white-cube art-gallery side to the cosy environment at home. To further more enhance the feeling of easy living at home, we reprinted the wallpaper with images representing our different lesiure-time activities.