Meeting point

2001, Platform, Vaasa (FIN)


Platform is an artist-run initiative founded in the year of 2000. Platform holds a project room and a residency programme in Vaasa, Finland. The aim of Platform is to promote, show and be part of producing international contemporary art.

Let’s meet up and experience

One of contemporary art’s most characteristic features has been the attempt to take art out of the art institutions and into life and society, so as to create points of contact and networks on a neutral plane, using unconventional forms. With our site-related project we have consciously tried to go in the opposite direction, to bring life/society into a new space for contemporary art in Vaasa.

The Meeting Point Project was divided into two parts. The first one started with a series of concrete events, in which participants and visitors played an active roll. This part was concentrated and limited in time. The second part was the temporary exhibition in Platform’s gallery space. The results of the work, which arose out of discussions, lectures, documentation, transformations and so on, became physical material in the in the gallery the – office landscape meets neo-expressionism.

Meeting Point was thus intended to break the ordinary pattern of one-off visits to exhibitions, and instead to focus on conversation, lectures, actions and more. Here, Finnfemfel had the role of consultant rather than producer, thus acting as a kind of filter. The events we organised were informal and simple, and were devoted to exchanges of ideas and to the possibility of producing new or unexpected connections. They took on their own visual shape, so that content and form complemented each another. The boundaries between the different areas became fluid.

The primary goal was to bring together people from various areas of art, knowledge and society, and establish contacts between people who live in the town and those who are visiting.

During the project, Meeting Point used various media – the daily press, radio/TV, the internet and so on.