2007, Die Freie Klasse denkt weiter (nach),

Galerie den Künstler, Munich (D)

Freie Klasse München

The students Wolfgang Groh, Hermann Hiller, Wilhelm Koch and Gottfried Weber-Jobe at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich) founded in 1987 the Freie Klasse München (Free class Munich), as a radical artistic critique of the art education. Ralf Homann is since 1991 a member of the group.

The first action of the movement was to take over the vestibule of the Academy and use it as a classroom and self-organized exhibition space. In 2007 celebrated the Freie Klasse München its 20th anniversary with the exhibition Freie Klasse denkt weiter (nach) in Galerie der Künstler des BBK, Munich.

Sleeping as art

The exhibition and organisers Freie Klasse München wanted to give thinking and (productive) silence more space in the arts. Finnfemfel’s contribution was the video-installation Power-nap. It visualise sleeping as the most productive and efficient act of free and boundless thinking, with free associations and without prejudice.
The length of the video is 60 min.

2 min. extract from the end of the film. The original film is 1 hour long, SD-video 4:3.