United against Populism!

2014, Rettet Europa III, Tempel Museum, Etsdorf (D)

Rettet Europa III

37 artists and two artist groups from 27 European countries were invited to take part in ”Save Europe III”, all presenting separate creative views about Europe. On 05.25.2014, the exhibition space was an official polling station for the European elections. The Etsdorf voters were treated with free beer, coffee or cakes.

“We have grown accustomed to complain about the bureaucracy of Brussels, about the lack of democracy, over the costs, over the jumble of rules and there are many politicians joining in in the lament. In the past the politicians use to start their speeches with the phrase: “I’m for Europe and therefore…” but today even the pro-European ones are saing instead: “I’m for Europe, but…”. We have forgotten how to see the miracle. Europe is a miracle. The Europe of the European Union is the best what ever have happened in Europe.”
Prof. Dr. jur. Heribert Prantl, member of the editorial board of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

United against

Europe or EU is not perfect, it is complex, bureaucratic and hard to grasp… and therefore easy to blame during economically hard times.

But reactionary and nationalistic populism is not the solution. It just increase the divergence between different ethnic- and social economic groups in the society.

Thats why we need to stand United against Populism!

Download the United against Populism-poster (size A3)