FinnAir oder
Wer wird den gleich in die Luft gehen?

2010, Luftmuseum, Amberg (D)


AIR MUSEUM Amberg – Art Architecture Design Technology

“Situated at Amberg’s most idyllic square, the historic “Klösterl” (“little convent”) – a building which dates back to the 14th century and is aptly titled “Engelsburg” (“angel’s castle”) – offers a unique showroom space on three levels (650 square meters) all dedicated to the subject of air…

Apart from permanent exhibitions you can also enjoy talks, readings, guided tours and concerts. On the ground floor there are temporary exhibitions on design, architecture, technology as well as special and everyday art.

The AIR MUSEUM was founded as a private initiative at the beginning of 2006 and is financed by donations and air helpers.”

FinnAir or who is going to blow his top?

In many places, it is said you need a lot of air under your wings to loose your grip. The project FinnAir examine flying and the associated charm that is synonymous with flying.

Are we really created to fly?

Finnfemfel continues with its mode of operation. To problematize the conceptual and practical, current phenomena, conditions, practices and social processes.

Contradictory thoughts about flying and blowing your top is visualized in a space-accessing installation. Authentic Icelandic volcanic ash transported by air mail, as well as various video works, photographs, objects, sound and a wall painting, which describe both the romantic and the dark side of flying.

“To just illustrate is not the way for finnfemfel. The arrangement, combination, staged break conveyed the message. And that is to expose disenchantment. The fascination of the naive dream of flying degenerates to everyday life-nightmare. But with power of nature is the volcanic ash flying free – not the airplanes of here and now.”
Michael Zeissner

Dare-fail-continue … And do not forget: Who is going to blow his top?

The project was funded by:
LuftmuseumArt Promotion Centre FinlandSwedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

Documentation and sample videos form exhibition in Luftmuseum.