Because I’m worth it

2000, Luftsymposium, Gummeum, Kallmünz (D)


Gummeum was a museum specialized in rubber and air, situated in Raitenbuch castle in Kallmünz. The museum was ran by artist Wilhelm Koch. Now days Koch is running the Luftmuseum in Amberg (D).

Because I’m worth it

Finnfemfel’s project for the Luftsymposium was an installation consisting of a video, two slideprojectors and sound. In the video you see Oskar Lindström in slow motion whit heavy make up and a hairdryer trying to seduce the viewer. The slidprojectors shows a pair of hands trying in vain to applaud, since the projectors are unsynchronised.

2007, Trauma Queen, Athens, (GR)

The sound in the installation is the sound of the hairdryer, applauds and the slide-projectors. The hairdryer sounds like a jet engine at far distance, low and slow like the video. You can hear applauds from two speakers. One is located in the door opening, facing out of the room, and the other is under the table, facing upward. The sound of applauds is like the slideshow unsynchronised, so you never hear the same clap in both speakers at the same time. The sound of hairdryer and applauds are accompanied by the sound of the slide-projectors’ fans and pictures changing franticly.

The video installation was later shown in 2007 in Vaasa City Art Gallery (FIN) and in the exhibition Trauma Queen, Athens (GR).

2000, Luftsymposium in Gummeum, Kallmünz (D).