When life is the least art

2012, Main workshop at the 17th. International Summer
Academy Wismar For Architecture, Design And Art (D)

International Summer Academy Wismar
For Architecture, Design And Art

“The classes are conceived for students and young professionals who wish to futher their studies. Moreover we invite sixth former and trainees.

The workshops on offer at the International Summer Academy Wismar are of a high academic and artistic level. Therefore for all students who have successfully taken part in the International Summer Academy Wismar we will be able to endorse them with 5 credit points for their work. This is the equivalent of 4 hours compulsory choice on our Master’s program.”

Finnfemfel’s workshop theme:
When life is the least art

The subject of the main course “When life is the least art”. This claim could also be modified to a question and therefore just as well serve as the topic of our workshop. Let us look at both and more! Current events, behaviors, traditions, processes, observations, etc. from everyday life will become our stores from where we collect ideas and materials for the workshop. This might be thoughts which you already carry with you, or ideas from your immediate surroundings and your colleagues on the spot.

But above all, the Hanseatic city of Wismar will be our stage. Here we will work, live, act and interact. Rejoice and cry are included.

Art in context. Our interest will be in either subtle or massive friction surfaces, transitions or confrontations between life and art, the slight or large imbalance and blur contradiction, art in context! In addition to the experience gained during the working process the focus in the workshop will be directed at the participants’ specific visualizations and designs of the individual ideas and concepts: through experiment and process to concept and product, or vice versa! This can already be done through interventions, actions and performances during the workshop in the public urban space in Wismar.

Installation, action performance and performance art, photography, video, sound, drawing et cetera. Especially the final exhibition merges all works in terms of our content and visually in a structure like a show-jumping course. Technically and in terms of media, we will not exclude anything. This is also finnfemfels own philosophy. Curiosity, courage, experiment, interdisciplinary, collective thinking and working and the participants’ own interests are primary. The world is small, only we ourselves are our own limits.

Presentation of projects by the seven student-groups including finnfemfel’s project.