Not-Oreste 4

2001, Montescaglioso, (I)

Progetto Oreste, Not-Oreste 4

Oreste is a place, not a person. In this place, that is continuously changing, people meet, eat, sleep, and talk, trying to create the best conditions for exchanging ideas and new projects to work together on. The different Oreste’s projects, since the very beginning, have been fed by the free and passionate contribution of their participants, as well as by the support of small companies and local institutions.

In order to continue to live – though accepting changes and transformations – Oreste needs to be a place where energies and personal contributions are put together; a place where things are added to other things, to fulfil and increase a common good and common purposes.”
Progetto Oreste

Not-Oreste 4 was a summer residency in Montescaglioso and the continuation of the exhibition Tribù dell’Arte in Rome. Not-Oreste 4 was held in the small Italian village of Montescaglioso, which is located in the south, in Basilicata region. The residency brought together groups of artists and curators from throughout Europe to exchange ideas and to collaborate on projects that was realised either during or after the residency.

Priest of Nykarleby church greeting and blessing Montescaglioso

finnfemel’s photoproject

In adition to taking part in the residency as coordinators and technical expertise, finnfemfel carried out a photo-project during. Petra Lindholm, finnsh artist, took part in the project, as guest-artist.

The remote location up on a hill in the very south of Italy gives Montescaglioso an atmosphere of remoteness and old traditions mixed together with globally influenced desires and needs, that made a big impact upon us. Each one of us tried to capture one’s view of Montescaglioso in three photographs. We used a large format camera to force us to work slowly and to enhance the notion of tableaux vivants.